Education Policy in Developing Countries Review

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Almost any economist will agree that education plays a key role in determining a country?s economic growth and standard of living, but what we know about education policy in developing countries is remarkably incomplete and scattered over decades and across publications.?Education Policy in Developing Countries?rights this wrong, taking stock of twenty years of research to assess what we actually know?and what we still need to learn?about effective education policy in the places that need it the most.Surveying many aspects of education?from administrative structures to the availability of health care to parent and student incentives?the contributors synthesize an impressive diversity of data, paying special attention to the gross imbalances in educational achievement that still exist between developed and developing countries. They draw out clear implications for governmental policy at a variety of levels, conscious of economic realities such as budget constraints, and point to crucial areas where future research is needed. Offering a wealth of insights into one of the best investments a nation can make,?Education Policy in Developing Countries?is an essential contribution to this most urgent field.?
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